Luxury Handmade Leather Belt

Luxury Handmade Leather Belt

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A handmade leather belt for men and women, entirely made in UK, that can be personalised on request with a name or monogram.

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Being available in 2 width sizes this belt is ideal as a gift for either men or women. It is a sturdy handmade belt made from Italian bridle leather and is available as a '2-tone' version, but can also be ordered in a single colour option. This belt is made specifically to your stated length requirements.

NB: YOUR own measurements will be used to custom make this belt, so please ensure measurements are correctly taken (see SIZE GUIDE below) as we do not offer exchanges for incorrectly given measurements.

Colour combinations currently available are: (2-tone versions) Black & Red, Black & Blue, Chestnut & Olive, Red & Claret, Olive & Hazel, Claret & Fuschia pink

(Or as a single colour) - Black, Chestnut brown, Hazel, Red, Olive Green and Claret,

This item can be personalised with a simple name or monogram of up to 10 letters for all versions or can be made without lettering.

Made with a stainless steel 'West End' buckle with a leather roller this can be made to order for a specific waist size.

Made from: Top quality premium 3mm thick Bridle leather with a British made stainless steel buckle.

SIZE GUIDE: As a rule of thumb your belt size should be 1-2 inches (2.5 - 5cm) larger than your garment size/waist size. So if you have a garment size/waist size of 32" (81cm) then your belt size should be a 34 (86cm)

Measuring an existing belt will be a good and acurate indicator for size, but If you know a waist size then we can also work from this.

THE BEST METHOD TO MEASURE YOUR "BELT SIZE" : When ordering a belt on-line, the best way to assure the proper fit is to measure one of your existing belts that fits you well. To do this, carefully stretch out the belt on a flat surface, and using a measuring tape, measure from: where the buckle attaches to the belt, to: the hole on the belt that fits you best (this might be the loosest, or most stretched out hole)

Note: Do not measure to the middle hole; measure to the hole that fits you best. That is your belt size. If you anticipate a change in your waist size (we all trend larger), you can add or subtract one inch from this measurement. Your new belt should be based upon this measurement. On your new belt, that same dimension will be the measurement from where the buckle attaches, to the center hole of the new belt.

This arrangement gives you the widest relevant range in adjusting your belt. If you would prefer to have more or less holes than this please let us know your preference.

YOUR measurements will be used to custom make this belt, so please double-check they are correct.

Leather and suede - NB: As an organic material leather has unique features and textures. Our leather is a high quality 'top surface' leather and although we have very high standards when it comes to sourcing the leather, your item may have variations of texture from the images shown.


The Belt leather length is cut to your specified waist size (see options drop-down menu)

The 38mm wide belt has a buckle 53mm long.

The 30mm wide belt has a buckle 43mm long.