Leather Coin Pouch Wallet

Leather Coin Pouch Wallet

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A robust and useful leather pouch wallet carried in a pocket, on a belt or in a bag, for money, small objects or valuables.

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These pouch wallets would be a suitable and useful to hold loose change and notes, but can also be used to hold rings and jewellery safely when they need to be removed - for example, during sport. There are several colour variations and they are suitable for everyone,.

Each leather pouch is carefully handmade, by John Todd, using artisan methods and tools and secured together with rivets and leather thong.

Each pouch wallet has one compartment and is entirely made from quality Italian leather.

The leather thong can be cut to a specific length using the customers measurements, but in the absence of a request the pouch will have a standard length (approx.) 50cm of leather thong.

This item can be personalised with a simple monogram of up to 10 letters for all versions or can be made without lettering.

Colours combinations currently available are: Red with black interior, Blackwith black interior, Blue with blue suede interior, Yew (dark Green) with green suede interior, Olive with light brown interior, Grey, Aubergine with cream interior, Tan and Chestnut.

Made from: Leather.

Leather and suede - NB: As an organic material leather has unique features and textures. Our leather is a high quality 'top surface' leather and although we have very high standards when it comes to sourcing the leather, your item may have variations of texture & tone from the images shown.


Dimensions: H9 x W7cm x D6cm