Artisan Leather Apron

Artisan Leather Apron

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Our artisan apron is made from durable 100% leather and makes the perfect Christmas gift for cooks, crafters, woodworkers, barbers, butchers, bakers,  candlestick makers ....... or just your Mum, Dad or Grandparent.

Available as a 1-piece leather design or, for a limited time, in a deluxe ‘distressed’ Highland leather. 

Available in 2 lengths and 4 colours as standard: Mid Brown, Dark Brown, Black and Cognac.

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As with all our products, these aprons can also be personalised with initials or a name to create a lasting gift that is truly bespoke and unique.  We can also make the main body of the apron in Bright Red or White leather on request.

Our standard design is single hand cut piece of leather with straps attached by rivets, which fasten via buckles. It can be ordered as a traditional ‘over-the-head’ strap version, or with a ‘cross-back-strap’, which makes the apron super comfortable to wear and is recommended for prolonged use.

The deluxe ‘Distressed’ Highland Leather apron is made from a cognac leather (shown in main image) with a slightly distressed finish that gives a lovely aged look and gains even more character with age. It has a large pocket in the front. This design is hand cut sections, stitched together and with extra strengthening pieces at the top of bib and side buckles.

Buckles are stainless steel and strapping is secured by durable rivets (rivet type and colour may vary depending on availability). The standard range of colours available are tan, dark brown, mid-Brown and black.

Short apron Dimensions: L86cm W70cm - approx weight 0.590kg

Long apron Dimensions: L102cm W70cm - approx weight 0.620kg

Highland Leather apron - approx weight 0.745kg

‘Cross-back-strap’ apron - approx weight 0.790kg