Decorative Drinks Can Letters

Decorative Drinks Can Letters

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Reduce your carbon footprint with our unique and stunning decorative letters made with colourful and interesting re-cycled metal drink cans.

Ideal for a 10th Anniversary (Tin) gift or a unique personalised gift, these beautifully hand-crafted letters are made with recycled metal cans, with a particle board core. They are backed and edged with leather.

1 - 8 letters per order are available - enter the details below - plus multiple orders of the same selection can also added in the ‘Quantity’ box. For more than 8 letters, or for large versions, please contact us .

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Designed for hanging on a wall, fixing to a door or displaying on a shelf, but could also be given as an alternative to a greeting card.

Use them to spell any name, phrase or word, or simply as individual letters.

We use actual recycled drinks cans with a variety of sophisticated graphic imagery, and because it is thin cut metal there may be the occasional sharp edge. Specific brands can be requested if we have the tin available. With meticulously hand-finished leather on the reverse side & edges, our letters make an exquisite and unusual creative gift with a personal touch.

Available in a variety of colours. Due to the nature of the production process there are never two identical letters. The example images given are as an indication, but each letter will vary with regards to specific patterns, markings, personalisation placement and graphic imagery used.

We can produce these letters using your own drink cans, or a specific brand of drinks can by request. Each letter will require approx 2 cans if sending items to us for use. Contact us if this is something you require.

Handmade from recycled Drink Can metal, particle board, with leather edge and rear detailing. Item comes with hanging attachment for the rear of the letter. Due to the materials used these are made for indoor use only.

Decorative letters by Johny Todd Ltd are NOT toys and we do not recommend use by children under age 10, and with adult supervision only beyond age 10.

While every care is taken in the making process to mitigate the sharp cut edges of the drink cans used for this product, please be aware that the nature of this recycled material means there may be an occasional sharp edge.

Height = 15cm per letter. Width varies depending on the letter(s) chosen.