Corio Bridle Leather Passport Wallet

Corio Bridle Leather Passport Wallet

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An elegant leather Passport wallet, from our Corio range, that simply holds the passport protectively, while allowing quick removal when at passport control.

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As a gift this is suitable be for both men and women and is ideally suited to a standard thickness British European Union sized passport, or an equivalent (12.5cm x 90cm). It is available as a duel (2 passport) wallet if desired - one secured on the left and one on the right. An ideal and affordable leaving gift, or simply for any travelling occasion, the Corio Passport Holder is a must-have accessory. These made-to-order bespoke wallets are ethically and carefully handmade in our Heart of England workshop.

This passport wallet has been designed so that just the stiff back page of the passport is inserted into the pocket, as shown in the images. This is for ease and quickness of removal at customs/passport control. The entire passport will not fit into the sleave compartment. Please see our Super Deluxe Passport wallet if you want a larger model.

It can be ordered in either Black, Chestnut, Red, Yew Green, Olive, Blue, Claret, Grey and Cognac leather, with the popper clasps available in a variety of complimentary colours - over 150 colour combinations available to choose from. A large selection of the clasp colours are available - see images and drop-down menus.

Personalisation is added with professional heated brass bookbinding letter blocks into the leather of the front cover. The wallet can also be made without any lettering.

Although we highly recommend the use of our quaint antique bookbinding 'blocking' tools to apply any letters and words, we also have an ordinary non-serif font (Helvetica) that can be imprinted in straight lines and up to a max. 10 digits only. (some punctuation, other than full stops and commas may be available on request - please enquire about this if it is something you require)

The antique bookbinding letter stamps impart a lovely quirky quality to the text, that is not achievable with mass-produced items. All letters in this style are a mixture of sizes and fonts, are uppercase and are applied individually by hand to the leather. (Please note that due to the hand-stamped nature of this service, character placement and spacing will vary and be of an 'organic' nature - see images).

For more elaborate passport holders/wallets see our basic and super-deluxe versions.

Made from: Superior Quality Bridle Leather.

Please note: As an organic material leather has unique features and textures called ‘the grain’ of the leather. We use only the highest quality ‘full grained’ leather. We prioritise making your order to the very highest standards, resembling, as closely as possible, the images shown in the product listing. There may however, be variations (tone and texture) and unique characteristics inherent in the leather from batch to batch.

Dimensions: When holding a passport and closed H13.5cm x W10cm

To hold a standard thickness H12.5cm x W9cm passport. (eg: a standard British EU passport)